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ABOUT Pick Health:

Pick Health is Hyderabad based medical directory service providing comprehensive medical information and large network of hospital directory in a vision to connect public to health businesses online 24x7.

We have 1000s of hospitals and associated business listings online and attract many visitors every day using our location based search. We are the first and only service operating in India.

Our services include not limited to hospitals but also includes Doctors, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centers and Wellness businesses.


It lists out all the top most Doctors near by the selected area or within a selected city with ratings. We can directly book an appointment online with doctors and can manage the messages sent/received.

Diagnostic Centers:

It lists out all the top most diagnostic centers in the city. If registered with diagnostic centers, it will allow various options to be displayed on the page like 2D Echo, TMT, Ultrasound Scanning, X-ray etc. By checking these available facilities, one can book an appointment with the Diagnostic Centers.


Pharmacies registered with Pick Health has a benefit of highlighting their business with social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc, which makes customers grow unlimited.

web site will represent you, your organization or your business online. It's an opportunity for you to publish knowledge, ideas and products to the world and become accessible to anybody and anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Quick Search

Quick search enables customers to find out the best hospital /doctor /diagnostic center/pharmacy / wellness accordingly.

Steps for easy search/quick search:

  • There are five symbols for hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, wellness
  • Choose any of the option as required
  • Enter the hospital name/doctor name/pharmacy name/diagnostic center name/wellness name
  • Enter the area/location
  • Click on GO option.

This will give you fine and accurate results with in short time.


Here three types of Registrations are available. One can choose any appropriate registration which suits your requirement. By registering with Pick Health, you get plenty of offers like managing appointments, staff, online system etc.


Customers/patients can register under “I AM AN INDIVIDUAL” registration. You can search health care related information, leave feedback for Hospitals, Doctors, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centers, and Wellness. Also you can book online appointments with them. Online appointments make your task easy instead of long waiting times in queue near the hospital. Once an online appointment is done, you can just reach the hospital or doctor or pharmacy or diagnostic center or wellness at the exact time slot given to you saving your precious time.

Your precious feedback will help/guide other customers as well to follow/unfollow the hospital/doctor/pharmacy/diagnostic/wellness. In this registration you are required to enter you information in order to get the registration done.


This section is developed in view of the business to manage their business needs. If you are thinking to promote your business, Pick Health is the best option to choose to improve your visibility in the market. It is used as a promotion tool to promote your business and get customers across the city and country.

If you are a hospital owner, you can publish your doctor’s profiles online. Online appointments can be given to patients very easily. With Pick Health, you can manage your staff, edit classifieds.

If you are a Pharmacy owner, you can publish your current information online and attract customers to you place, and make them your regular customers.

If you are a Diagnostic Center, you can publish the facilities available along with their costs, latest technologies you are using at your center and attract customers.

If you are a wellness center, you can promote your business. You can publish information related to your various services that you offer.

It facilitates to Communicate with patients via “ASK Doctors”, also can be Integrated with social Media – Post updates to your channels from one source


If you are doctor with practice at home or clinics, you can definitely opt for this registration where you can personalize your requirement. By promoting your website, many users can frequently visit your website making your business grow. Also the feedback/rating option allows good number of customers. Here you have an option to manage online appointments to patients which save your valuable time and maintain your clinic systematically.

You can manage your profile online. Communicate with patients via “ASK Doctors”, also you can Integrate with social Media – Post updates to your channels from one source


Few offers are packed in the Pick Health online solution suit. We offer packages like BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD to the Business.

Offers like website templates, uploading videos in the website etc will be given according to the package you have chosen.

The pricing structure is given below:




HOSPITALS For 6 Months FREE Rs.12500/- Rs.15000/-
For 12 Months FREE Rs. 20,000/- Rs.23,999/-
DOCTORS For 6 Months FREE Rs.9500/- Rs.12,000/-
For 12 Months FREE Rs.15000/- Rs.18000/-
PHARMACIES For 6 Months FREE Rs.7500/- Rs.9999/-
For 12 Months FREE Rs.12,999/- Rs.14,999/-
DIAGNOSTICs For 6 Months FREE Rs.7500/- Rs.9999/-
For 12 Months FREE Rs.12,999/- Rs.14,999/-
Wellness For 6 Months FREE Rs.5000/- Rs.7500/-
For 12 Months FREE Rs.8999/- Rs.12,999/-

Benfits of use

Pick Health provide many benefits for its valuable customers.

  • It helps you to Improve visibility of your hospital business by creating a Free business listing and a dedicated hospital data page for your business on reputed and dedicated medical directory service www.pickhealth.com
  • Manage appointments online.
  • Communicate with patients via “ASK Doctors”
  • Manage doctors and their profiles online
  • Provide doctors an online membership to manage their own profile
  • Integrate social Media – Post updates to your channels from one source
  • Ratings Manager helps improve the quality of your hospital business by providing customer review features.
  • Enable the online presence of your business by using our dynamic and content rich professional & good looking web templates.